Welcome to my vulnerability

I am so excited to share with you all 🙂

My name is Breanna Wheeler but everyone calls me bre so lets stick to that! I am a 27 year old boy mom and we live in the beautiful Central Oregon, in the heart of bend. I know we’re pretty lucky to be here in all its raw outdoor beauty. I have always been a writer, no matter what topic or paper I had to write in school or on my own in my own journal with my own words I have ALWAYS been a writer. I thought blogging would be a perfect space for me to share my words with you guys and have some fun with it. I NOW feel like I have a different space to speak from, from a different heart. A bre made new. I will occasionally post about yummy food, my fitness, or the beautiful places that Central Oregon has to offer but my main goal is mental health, trauma, grief, growth.. All areas I am currently working on in my own life. Speaking from a place of experience in hopes to share something that someone may need to read. So here I am and I am so thankful you stumbled across MY blog. I am vulnerable, raw and so so real. I can’t wait to share this part of myself with you all.