Timing is nothing but it is also everything

Let me start of by asking you a few things, what is timing to YOU? Does it hold great value? Does it even mean anything at all to you? What is it?

For me, personally, I feel like there is a certain stigma or conversations with people based around what is considered a “good” time for something. But that only comes from other peoples judgments, their assumptions or what they only see 10% right? For instance, I’ve heard someone say.. “Why does she look so happy? How is she not sad anymore? How can be so lively.. it’s only been 6 months?” From the outside you see ONLY 10% if not less than that.

Let’s talk about this.

I will say, I just don’t care too much about the assumptions or judgments because I am more joyful. I am living my life. I am making a hell of a lot of progress in a short time and guess what? I will give SO MUCH PRAISE to our God for that because let me tell you what… this momma would NOT have made it this far without him, without my community in church, the wonderful friends I have in my life that are basically my family. My family. My child. I did not do this alone.

I will be the first to say, how you decide to grieve and process certain emotions, how you decided to put one foot in front of the other after ANYTHING that may feel defeating, a loss or a hardship of any kind. That is you. You decide what road to follow and that road will never be the straight and narrow. It will have bumps, pot holes, round abouts and some construction. Your life is always in the hands of the Lord and it is not always easy to walk by faith, that is a choice even when you feel like all hope is lost. Faith plays the biggest role.

Where is your faith?

What are you praying for?

How are you navigating THAT thing?

This is MY growth, MY grief, MY trauma, MY walk with the lord. It is all going to look different for everyone.

Sometimes, the so called “good timing” people think is wrong or right might not always be ideal, might not always look good to THEM, it might not always make sense to THEM, you will most definitely receive some opinions and those are acceptable. But, don’t let someones opinion dictate how you choose to move. You have YOUR opinions and your own thought process for a reason. You are YOU for a reason, clichĂ© I know..

I was sitting in church today and our pastor had mentioned something regarding prayer, what is a prayer you have prayed and God has answered? or has he not answered yet and you have given up on whether or not he is even listening? Have you prayed for that thing once or twice or has it been a constant prayer? Have you given up on a prayer or maybe it has been answered and you just forgot to take a closer look and thank him for it? Because this was me today. I forgot about mine, truthfully I prayed for it one time.. but it was intense, it was emotional and I was vulnerable in asking complete strangers to sit and pray for us at the time.

In summer 2019 my best friend and I had gone to another church together, both of us having some major issues in our relationships. We just remember walking up to the individuals offering prayer and crying and praying with them. We were in similar situations with no one else to cling to but each other and the Lord. As we did, I remember we really didn’t talk about that prayer time again, like ever. We simply just moved forward and dealt with the same stuff for a while longer. Good days here and there but still allowing the darkness of our situations to take ahold without truly walking with the Lord in it and constantly praying about it.

Fast forward to this morning, sitting in church next to my best friend, on April 25th 2021 and our pastor asks us, “What is a prayer that God has answered? Did he deliver? Did he show up?” We both looked at one another and just smiled.

He indeed answered our prayer.

This was not on my timing, this was not on her timing, this was not on the timing of the people who prayed for us, this was on GODS timing alone. For HE knew the plans he had for us, HE knew what was going to unfold and this is exactly where our faith came into play. We trust in him, we continue to pray, to have faith, lean in closer to the promises of his word, to share the good news, to be his church. He is ALWAYS on your side. He ALWAYS has you, and maybe it isn’t what you want it to look like but let me tell you what, God has a beautiful story that is your life. Your life has a purpose.

Please, do NOT base your life around the so called “perfect timing” or listening when someone says ” Is that too soon?” “Are you sure this is the right time?” “What if” If it feels right, let it flow. If you feel joy, walk in that. If you are not being fulfilled, change something. Timing is everything and it is nothing all at the same time. You could potentially miss out on SO much by basing too much off the “right timing” Or giving yourself a ridiculous timeline for anything. Sometimes things just gotta flow!

I wasn’t going to use this as an example but I think I just might because it seems fitting..

I am obviously seeing someone new and most people know this and some probably don’t like it, some might not approve of the so called “timing” of either the relationship or the direction the relationship is moving. Whatever it may be. But, in this situation I am following my heart, I am going with the flow and walking in my faith with this one. The reason I am using this as an example is because I feel like there is this un necessary stigma around the TIMING that I am supposed to mourn, grieve or be sad after everything. “Is this a good time for you to be in a relationship? It’s only been however many months? How can you love someone new so soon? There are probably a million different questions people have asked or things said that create this bad image around MY LIFE and how I choose to move forward. There is reason I say timing is everything and it is nothing. Because, if I were to put myself in a box and say “ Okay, 2 years from now is a good time to get back out there” “1 year from now I will start working out at our gym again, that should be enough time to not be sad when I walk in there right?” “Years from now.. I can have more kids right? This is a good time?” How silly does that sound? I realized that I would miss out on a lot of amazing things by confining myself in this box or in this mindset where I’m constantly questioning when the right time is, or when I will be truly ready for something. Moving forward I have decided to just follow my gut. How are you TRULY feeling?

This is my time to rebuild, restructure and focus on what is important to me, what I FEEL in my heart, where my SOUL and GOD are leading me to.

I encourage you to pray that prayer, keep praying for that very thing. I promise no prayer goes unanswered. No conversation with the lord goes unheard. It might be a week from now, it might be a year from now. We don’t know, but what I do know is God always has a plan. His plan is better than your plan and my plan.

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