A letter to myself

Dear Bre,

Love whole heartedly. Continue to find beauty in all things. Find solace in that fresh summer morning where coffee is in hand and a good read is in the other. Seek gratitude. Truly smile. Write down what you are thankful for in each day. Write down how you see God working in your new life. LOVE your new life. Cry those tough moments out. Experience new things. Accept help and be gracious with your process. Grief has been hard, don’t let it take you to a dark place. Let God continue writing your story because we know its the best one yet. I am proud of the women you have become in the last 6 months. The women you are still becoming. You took something dark, painful, grueling, unsettling, life changing and you used it to ask God to create you a new beautiful story… without pain we don’t have joy and even though I have felt true pain.. I have TRULY felt TRUE and IMMENSE joy. Wow isn’t that something? She is learning to breathe again, she is learning that God doesn’t work on MY time, he works on HIS time. Instead of constantly trying to rush life or get somewhere I’m not ready to be she is learning to wait in the process for the beauty that is unfolding. I surrender. I hand over my entire life to God and let him rewrite my story, turn a new page to a whole new chapter that was my life and be present in what NOW is my life. That is beautiful. Let’s take it all in. Let’s have fun with this. Because we are over here reminding people that you can smile and cry at the same time. You can feel joy and sadness at the same time. Healing is so hard, it is holy, it is painful, it is scary, it is raw and real all at the same time. We are here learning what it truly means to let new hope, peace and joy flow into our life. In life, we will grieve. We will love. Without love there is no grieving.. without grieving there is no love. I am constantly being reminded that because I have felt true, debilitating pain… that I now feel true love. I now feel what it means to love whole heartedly, I know what it means to truly, deeply CARE. So I hope and I pray that you, Breanna, continue on with what God has in store for you, he is so very present In all that you do. He is not yet done, he has a beautiful plan for your life and there is PURPOSE on the other side of PAIN. There is a beautiful story on the other side of what once was. Moving forward does NOT mean moving on. Give yourself grace. Be patient with your journey because it is YOUR journey and it is Gods journey. Let yourself have fun, laugh, cry, smile, yell, scream, be silent, take it all in, be stimulated and surrounded. Take some time for YOU. Be present in all that you do and most of all… ALL THAT YOU ARE. Be the momma YOU need yourself to be and who Rylan needs you to be. Be adventurous. Get outside more. Spend less time on your phone. Continue to write your little heart out. Read more books and less instagram posts. Find ways to help someone in need. Pray, Pray and Pray. Dive deeper into the word of God. Dream and flourish in the new things that have been set upon your heart. Be passionate and purposeful. Be the new you, let your new story be told. Keep sharing the depths of your heart because… sis it is helping and the more you share, the more you are reminded that it IS in fact helping. So while this is helping heal YOU, it is also helping heal others as well. You are doing such an amazing job. You riding a new wave, you are taking on new challenges and figuring things out one day at a time, one hour at time.. This version of you is pretty awesome, you are one of the strongest people, God has a huge purpose and plan for your life.

You are loved. You are valued and strong. You are powerful In all your own ways. You are free from evil and rejoicing in the Glory of God. You are a new women with a new heart and new set of eyes. You love differently. You are seen and you are heard. She is compassionate and strong willed. You are beautifully made new !

Love, Bre

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