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My new life

I don’t often come on here and speak about my new life. The one I am currently living without my Chris. It becomes so painful at times remembering that he is no longer living his life here on earth with me, but I am comforted knowing he is living his heavenly life. He is home. […]

All of Gods beautiful breadcrumbs in my life

All of Gods breadcrumbs, his tiny little stepping stones, placement of ANYTHING that he sets before me. This I have seen, this I have noticed, this now more than ever I have payed attention to. Maybe it took something tragic happening to open my eyes, unfortunately sometimes I feel like that is the case. I […]

Part Two

I felt my last post getting just a tad too long, hence why I said to be continued… Monday, May 24, 202 It is Monday, I am sitting in the coffee shop waiting to join my first young adults group. Before I walked in here I got a voice memo from a sweet friend of […]

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